Qatar Primary Materials Co (QPMC)

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About QPMC

  • Qatar Primary Materials Co (QPMC) was established on the instruction of the Qatari Government in 2006 to provide:
  • Efficient Port Service at the Gabbro berths and develop it for managing larger volumes of materials import to facilitate the importers.
  • QPMC has the capability to Design, Develop and Operate project jetties at developers’ request for Government projects.
  • QPMC is creating a strategic stockpile of aggregates for the Government in Mesaieed.
  • QPMC produces Washed Sand and regulates Sale of Dune Sand in Qatar and this is available for sale in the local market.
  • QPMC is constructing Cement Silo at the Gabbro berths to store and discharge over 2 million tons of imported Cement annually to meet any increased demand.
  • Developing gabbro quarries outside of Qatar.
  • Developing the sea logistic supply chain.
  • QPMC is at the forefront of facilitating the construction boom in Qatar. The company stands for quality, reliability and efficiency.
  • QPMC provides complete solutions for the transport, storage and delivery of key primary materials in Qatar.

Our Policy
We commit to with the requirements of the, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISPS Management Systems.

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of primary materials to support the continuing development of the State of Qatar.

Our Mission

  • Establishing and developing reliable sources of quality primary materials.
  • Significantly improving the capacity and efficiencies of material-handling operations.

Providing a strategic reserve of primary materials.

Our Values
Underlying all our activities are the following key values;

  • To have respect for the environment, our employees, our suppliers and our customers.
  • To conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity at all times.
  • To carry out all our activities in a safe manner.

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